About Nicolette- Cosmic Soul

“Cosmic Soul” resonates and captures the essence of who I am and what I offer. We are all cosmic souls. Infinite and expansive by our very innate nature, we embody such wisdom, creativity and light.

I believe in the potential of everything and everyone, I know that we are all frequency alchemists with our intentions, thoughts and words. Anything is possible in the quantum field of existence and from here it ripples out into what we call day to day reality.

The key is to see it from all perspectives, stay within the heart and journey through it all with the wisdom of the sage, the gentleness of mama and the curiosity of the child. I dance between these, finding my resting place in the limitless expansiveness of everything and nothing.

I offer frequency transmissions of healing, activations, words, light codes, art and teaching within a defined and safe space.

I have been communicating and seeing Guides, angels and interdimensional beings for over twenty years.

I have offered healing and crystal healing for the past 12 years. More recently I have further developed my passed-over mediumship.

I have taught Usui Reiki for four years before deciding to structure and develop my own Healing system.

I have created Transmission Healing as an advanced auric healing system using crystals, tachyons, colours and other energy tools.

I love teaching. I also teach Mediumship Development with my dear friend Collette Negal under the business name Lakesh.

I love networking, social media and connecting globally which is why I run a soulful community on Facebook called Cosmic Soul Sanctuary.

This is a safe space for lightworkers and those genuinely interested in healing, learning and sharing, birthed in 2018.  It has also led to a handful of in-person Wellness Fairs from 2018 to 2020.

I love crystals, tachyons, orgonite, sacred geometry, energy tools, new ideas and projects, laughter, painting, taking photographs, sunny days, voice notes (not phone calls), animals, shiny pretty things, rainbows, music and dark chocolate.

I am a spiritual guide to some, a creative intuitive, a psychic medium and clairvoyant, a trailblazer in many regards and a light hearted starry eyed fairy at times.

I am also an empath, a sensitive and a gentle soul, but I can be very direct and to the point. I’m always happy to learn and to share, an Aquarius indeed.  I adore my little family and find my grounding, my strength and my nurturing skills all in my experiences of motherhood.

I work from My Sanctuary in Cape Town, South Africa, however a large amount of my healing and psychic work is done remotely. I offer online teaching and mentorship as well as in person.

I am completely in love with life, and in love with sharing that love with others. I believe in living my truth, standing in integrity and authenticity, as well as always showing compassion and sharing reverence with all sentient beings. 

I practice from an understanding that we are all interconnected and that I am You and You are Me.

I love and honour you, dear cosmic soul,



Have any questions? I am always open to talk about your spiritual ideas, or new opportunities and how I can help you.